Discover How to Look After Your Designer Boots

You may have purchased your designer boots simply as a fashion statement, or with the intention of wearing them during inclement weather. Whatever the reason, you need to look after them carefully to ensure years of use while retaining their pristine condition. New boots should initially be worn around the house for a few hours [...]

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Are You Ready To Extend The Life Of Your Luggage?

Your luggage has a hard life, thrown continuously from car to the baggage carousel to the airplane and back again, with no thought as to how much it cost. If you have invested in designer luggage, you want it to last a lifetime, expecting it to be manufactured to a very high standard. However, even [...]

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New Ways to Add Life to Your Designer Bags

If you consider your purchase of a designer bag or purse as an investment to last for years, you need to know how to look after it. Adding a product that protects the fabric or skin can shield your bag from unwanted dirt and spills. Fabric panels can easily be treated, while suede bags will [...]

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Proven Steps to Care for Your Designer Shoes

Designer shoes require a significant investment, and whether you own one pair or hundreds, it is worth taking the time to look after them. Tempting as it may be, you shouldn’t wear the same pair of shoes day after day. Being made of high-quality leather, they need time to breathe and return to their regular [...]

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